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Winter 2005, Vol. 19, No. 4

ISSN 1066-534X

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Adopting Children with Special Needs
Nora Edgar, Gould City, Michigan

Care of a Tracheostomy
Larry Kohout, Edina, Minnesota, and Tony Nadeau, Saint Louis, Missouri

Current Threats to Ventilator Users in Cost-Cutting Proposals from Medicaid and Other Medical Insurance: A Resolution

Funds to Address Problems Vent Users Face during Medical Emergencies

Call for Proposals for a 2007 Award of $25,000 (The Research Fund)

The Research Fund: Preliminary Report

Earlier Use of Noninvasive Ventilation May Prolong Survival

New Masks

Fischer Steps Down

In Memoriam: Edward Anthony "Tony" Oppenheimer, MD, FCCP

New Resource from IVUN:

Home Ventilator Guide is IVUN's latest resource compiled by Judith R. Fischer. The comprehensive resource displays technical information about the world's home ventilators in charts that are easy to read and makes comparing home ventilators more convenient. It features bilevel positive airway pressure ventilators, volume-cycled ventilators, pressure support ventilators, and combination or multi-mode ventilators.

The Home Ventilator Guide was made possible by a bequest from ventilator user Ira Holland. The guide also contains quotes from consumers about some of the ventilators, in acknowledgement of Ira's life-long commitment to advocacy on behalf of his fellow ventilator users to help improve ventilator technology.

The guide is available on IVUN's website in pdf format. Members without Internet access may request a copy from IVUN (314-534-0475).


Edward Anthony "Tony" Oppenheimer, MD, FCCP (1937-2005)


Dr. Tony OppenheimerDr. Tony Oppenheimer died of complications of multiple myeloma in November 2005.


Many people knew Dr. Oppenheimer through his extensive email communications on respiratory matters related to neuromuscular disease, begun after he retired in 2000 as Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Southern California Kaiser Permanente Group. Others experienced Dr. Oppenheimer firsthand as their superb physician at Kaiser, while many knew him as a delightfully philosophical and engaging friend, colleague and mentor.


As a member of IVUN's Medical Advisory Committee, Dr. Oppenheimer provided thoughtful and comprehensive contributions to IVUN publications and careful review of its pulmonary articles. He understood the technology and the power of the Internet early on and utilized it to the fullest to educate other health professionals about assisted ventilation. He worked diligently, but gently, to educate ventilator users and their families, to ensure that they became accepted as equal partners in the decision-making process about the use of assisted ventilation in the home.


Professionally, Dr. Oppenheimer was Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA's School of Medicine, and a member of the California Thoracic Society, the American Thoracic Society and a fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Chest Physicians.

Fischer Steps Down


Judith FischerJudith Raymond Fischer is retiring as newsletter editor of Ventilator-Assisted Living, but will assist through a transition period and will continue to serve as an Information Specialist.


Called IVUN News until mid-2003, the newsletter began as a vision of the organization's founder, Gini Laurie. Fischer, with her eye for detail and her insistence on the facts, provided the dedication and skill to make the quarterly newsletter a reality. Fischer, who has edited this publication since 1989 as a volunteer, became involved with the organization in the late '60s when it was coordinated out of Laurie's home in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. In 1987, she married D. Armin Fischer, MD, a pulmonologist to many polio survivors in Southern California, and moved there after serving as the organization's Executive Director for more than three years in Saint Louis.


Dr. Fischer died in 1997.

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