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Fall 2008, Vol. 22, No. 3

ISSN 1066-534X

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Surpassing the Teenage Trach Years by Amy Camp Sabourin, as her physician Dr. Schwartz says, is a story of success and happiness. Her reflections and those of Carole Ann Parsons in Watercolors are My Joy of Life and of Sheila Keogh, as told to Audrey King, all include the memories of special people who contributed to the turning point in their lives.

Ventilator users are vulnerable to power outages and other emergencies and have been completing their Take Charge, Not Chances information (See For years, users have been encouraged to carry a resuscitation bag with them. Recently, I was told, “My caregiver doesn't think she could bag me if I needed it. She would be too panicked.” Coincidently, I visited a Saint Louis business that makes mass casualty ventilators (MCV) and while there another device, the ResusciTIMER™, caught my eye.

IVUN is repeatedly asked the same questions about home mechanical ventilation (HMV) and we have answered a few Frequently Asked Questions.

New products, travel info, and update on competitive bidding are part of Judith R. Fischer's From Around the Network.

2009 is the year for the JIVD (Journées Internationales de Ventilation á Domicile) and the PHI (Post-Polio Health International) conferences. Ventilator users are invited to attend both meetings. The PHI meeting will focus on “Living with Polio in the 21st Century” and also will target issues important to ventilator users.

Michel Toussaint, PT, Belgium, and I will be discussing “Mobility and Travel” at the JIVD meeting in Barcelona. We invite you to send us your major concerns about mobility and travel to

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