Ventilator-Assisted Living©

February 2014, Vol. 28, No. 1


Highly Dependent on Power!

Audrey King, MA, Toronto, Canada

A massive winter storm hit the eastern United States and southern Canada just before Christmas last year, causing major inconvenience to millions of people. Power outages in some locations caused further complications, and to some, like Audrey King, created a life-threatening crisis for nearly four days.

I have lived in Toronto for 30 years, on the third floor of a condominium mainly occupied by empty nesters, older folk who enjoy the quieter lifestyle and amenities nearby. Although the building is five stories high and lacks an emergency generator, living here has suited me well.

My apartment has been renovated to meet the needs of an “independent” quadriplegic lifestyle — counters and sinks I glide under in my wheelchair, taps I can easily reach and turn on with a touch, ceiling tracks in bedroom and bathroom so I can electrically hoist myself and transfer between wheelchair, bed, toilet or bath.


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