Ventilator-Assisted Living©

August 2014, Vol. 28, No. 4


“We can now go outdoors all day ...
we enjoy every moment”

Celine is almost 13 years old. Like most girls her age, technology means a lot to her, but it’s not the latest phones or iPads that are of interest. For Celine it’s a state-of-the-art portable ventilator that is most important.

Celine has needed a ventilator since birth. She was born with tracheomalacia (the cartilage in the trachea has not developed properly and instead of being rigid, the walls of the trachea are floppy). Because of this, along with a range of heart and lung problems, doctors predicted she was unlikely to live beyond 12 months.

However, ventilation was established. Operations were performed. Infections were treated. And after nine months, Celine was discharged from hospital – fully ventilated – to the care of her mother, Ariane.

At that time caring for a fully ventilated child at home was a relatively new occurrence – even in innovative Germany where Celine and her mother live. But Ariane was determined to give her daughter every opportunity to enjoy life and develop to her full potential.


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