Ventilator-Assisted Living©

August 2014, Vol. 28, No. 4


VENTure Think Tank

Seeks Policy and Tech Solutions to Vent User Challenges

Ventilator users lead rich but complex lives. For far too long, experiences, challenges and unique needs of members of this diverse population have either gone underappreciated or unaddressed by a larger society, and this has been felt in matters of health policy, public policy, emergency response strategies, and even academic literature. Precisely how little attention the ventilator user population receives became nothing short of a public health concern in the United States for Southeasterners in 2003 after Hurricane Katrina and Northeasterners in 2012 after Super Storm Sandy when widespread and prolonged power outages put ventilator users’ lives in jeopardy.

It was in response to these circumstances that we founded VENTure Think Tank, to provide policy and technological solutions to the challenges experienced by ventilator users, their families and their caregivers.


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