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October 2014, Vol. 28, No. 5


Safe Straw Might Help You Swallow Through Thick and Thin

Aspiration, food or liquid getting misdirected into the airway can
be a source of aspiration pneumonia, and result in a hospitalization and recommendation for altering the diet, which often includes thickening liquids.

Thickened liquids, no matter what formula to get there, are not often enjoyed by patients, and many individuals, once out of the hospital or rehab, do not adhere to the recommendation to
drink thickened liquids, and resume thin liquids on their own.

The ability to resume thin liquids once recovered from an aspiration pneumonia may be a very doable goal for people who
are mobile, have a strong and effective cough, and are generally in a good state of state of health, despite a diagnosis they might have of Parkinson’s or other neurological disorder.



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