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December 2014, Vol. 28, No. 6


All-Too-Typical Email to IVUN

with Responses by Norma M.T. Braun, MD, FACP, FCCP

Ombudswoman, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine, Mt. Sinai Health System, Senior Attending, Department of Medicine, Pulmonary/CriticalCare/Sleep Division, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospitals, New York, New York

Email: I had polio at age 18 months and spent six months at Sister Kenny in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1948 and received hot baths there.

Email: My right side is smaller in circumference and length. My pelvis is twisted and I walk by throwing my left leg inward. I tend to turn in my right foot also, so I try to pay attention to this as I age, as my balance is not good anymore. I can stand on both feet and swing my right foot. The difference in length has never kept me from sports. I was never told I couldn’t do anything, except contact sports.

Email: About 8 years ago, I was diagnosed with PPS by a neurologist and neurosurgeon in the state in which I now live.

Email: Recently, on a trip to Duluth, Minnesota, to bury my mother, who had told me in the ‘80s that I snored, I shared a room with double beds with my brother who said I snored so loudly that no matter what he did during the night, he couldn’t sleep. In a trip to Hawaii last December 2013, I stayed with friends, in the opposite end of their home with doors closed. They could hear me snoring in their bedroom!

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