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Spring 1995, Vol. 9, No. 1

ISSN 1066-534X

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Long-term Home Ventilation and Living Independently: The User's Perspectives
Excerpts from a panel of ventilator users during the Fifth International Conference on Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Home Ventilation, Denver, Colorado, March 1995

Some State Budgets Cut Attendant Care

In Memoriam: Edward V. Roberts

Children and Teens as Ventilator Users

Comparison of Commercial & Custom Nasal/Face Masks

A Well-Traveled Ventilator User
Anne Isberg, Denmark

Finland: Ventilator Use
Personal Perspective: Ritva Laine-Mammi
Legal Perspective: Jari Korpi, LLM

In Memoriam: Edward V. Roberts

Ed Roberts, ventilator user due to respiratory poliomyelitis, died suddenly March 14, 1995, at the age of 56. President Clinton, in a message from the White House, said, "As an international leader and educator in the independent living and disability rights movements, he fought throughout his life to enable all persons with disabilities to fully participate in mainstream society. Mr. Roberts was truly a pioneer ... His vision and ability to bring people together should be an example for all Americans."

In 1962 Roberts was the first person with a severe disability to attend the University of California at Berkeley, even though his "dorm" was the university's infirmary. Roberts and roommate John Hessler (SCI quad), who entered UC-Berkeley in 1963, along with Larry Langdon and Phil Draper became known as "The Rolling Quads." They led the way in obtaining a grant for what is now the Disabled Students Program at UC-Berkeley. They also proved that they could live on their own outside institutions. They established the Center for Independent Living in Berkeley in 1972, which served as the model for other independent living centers across the country as the independent living movement gained momentum.

In 1975 Roberts was appointed head of the State Department of Rehabilitation by California Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., and served until 1983. With Judy Heumann and Joan Leon, Roberts co-founded the World Institute on Disability, a think tank on disability issues, in 1983. After receiving an award from the MacArthur Foundation in 1984, Roberts used the money to further fund the Institute.

The Ed Roberts Memorial Scholarship has been established to support Berkeley students with severe disabilities.

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