International Ventilator Users Network's mission
is to enhance the lives and independence of users
of home mechanical ventilation (HMV) through
education, advocacy, research and networking.

Judith Fischer and Joan Headley accept the Award.

“Ventilator Users Can Survive the System With Your Help”

October 28, 2014, CHEST, Austin, Texas
Judith R. Fischer, MSLS, and Joan L. Headley, MS
International Ventilator Users Network (IVUN)


  cover of Ventilator-Assisted LivingVentilator-Assisted Living
IVUN's bi-monthly newsletter (sent electronically) that links ventilator users, their families and peers with each other and with health professionals committed to home mechanical ventilation. Available with Membership.
  Home Ventilator Guide (updated 12-4-14)
  click here for Take Charge, Not ChancesClick logo for critical information for ventilator users and caregivers to give to emergency and health care providers.

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IVUN's Educational Conference Calls


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  Flying While Using a Ventilator
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  PHI Announces 2014-15 Research Award
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IVUN's Resource Directory for Ventilator-Assisted Living (Updated 12-16-14)

  Community Calendar of Conferences
  Info available from Promoting Healthy Ideas: PHI/IVUN’s 11th International Conference
  IVUN Membership Memos

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